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Zero in on end-to-end identity management, attack surface, data protection, encryption
Analysis of relevant parts of your portfolio, identify options than can benefit top and bottom line

Your Application Assessment Includes:

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Clear Your Path to Modernization
Fix Security & Compliance Exposure
Improve Performance & Reliability
Modern infrastructure-as-code practices to manage your infrastructure, automate tasks for greater scalability and resource flexibility.
Evaluate Migration & Refactoring
Consolidate compute, data, storage and networking infrastructure to lower maintenance burden

Our free assessment features a comprehensive analysis of your application portfolio, including an evaluation of technical debt, compatibility, scalability, migration needs, software development processes, and security risks. You get a risk-adjusted remediation roadmap with budget & timeline estimates.

CloudGeometry Application Modernization Services

Modernizing existing applications is a faster and proven method compared to developing new ones. CloudGeometry has assisted dozens of US tech companies in modernizing their legacy or acquired applications and systems.

Our comprehensive App Modernization Services include:

  • Cloud Migration (ask about our Free DB Migration Offer)
  • Upgrade to proven cloud services like RDS, Kinesis, and Redshift
  • Move to microservices architecture and containerization
  • Adoption of Kubernetes for scalability and cost savings
  • Uplift UI/UX to modern web and mobile app standards
  • Integration of DevSecOps, CI/CD, platform engineering in a software supply chain enabling ZeroOps developer experience 
  • Transcompiling and refactoring to more popular programming languages like .NET, NodeJS, and Python

Engagements include roadmap development with milestones and budget estimates. All modernization services include one month of parallel app testing and SRE support.

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Adapt/adopt Microservices 
& Cloud Native
Containers + Kubernetes streamline development, test automation, provisioning, orchestration, deployment, and observability
Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency
Target resource waste, simplify cost visibility, understand budet and feedback gaps 


Feel free to use your assessment results for implementation by your own in-house team. You can also engage our expert development services team to deliver on the priorities you need. CloudGeometry offers a range of time-boxed and milestone-based 3-month and 6-month packages.